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brandon engbrandon eng · co-founder/lead developer
brandon [at] sportaholik [dot] com

Brandon is responsible for the technical development for He has been involved with sports one way or another all his life including high school teams (Football, Rugby, Basketball) and in recreation/intramural sports in university. Shout out to the fellow B2 Bangers, 3 time intramural touch football champs! Currently trying to stay in shape by working out, playing squash and online video games.

fred moeskerfred moesker · co-founder/marketing & business development
fred [at] sportaholik [dot] com

Fred handles marketing, business development and usability for (on really adventurous days he even messes with some code!). Fred has played recreational sports for years now including ball hockey, soccer and flag football. His 'illustrious' ball hockey 'career' includes such teams such as the mighty HomeWreckers and the lesser-mighty Tuna Melts with flag football duties on the Tecumseh High Wildcats. Currently playing double duty between ball hockey and turf soccer, he also gets beat regularly in squash. If you are looking to advertise on, or partner with, he's your guy.

mystery server guy · technical stuff

Mystery Server Guy handles, you guessed it, the servers - and other fun technical things. Seeing how you can read this page right now, please say a quick 'thank you Mystery Server Guy'.

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